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Chain Link Fencing

We, Mason Fencing are the best known commercial fencing company in town. We have completed chain link fencing for a number of clients in and around Birmingham, Al. Whether you require private fencing for your large commercial complex or a simple chain link fencing for securing your home, we have you covered.

Chain link fencing is the most common kind of security fencing used for commercial purposes. While the height of the chain link can vary anywhere from 4′ to 12′, 6′ link is ideal for most applications. However, we understand that sometimes there are special purposes; we will make sure to build and install our chain links in accordance with your custom requirements.

Chain link fence- Components

Our chain link fence comprises of 4 parts namely terminal posts, chain link fabric, line posts, and top rail.

  • Our terminal posts made to withstand the toughest of conditions. All posts are cemented in the ground to ensure they stay in place.
  • Our line posts are there to support. For lighter applications, we use line posts which have a much lesser diameter.
  • The top rail secures the entire chain link fabric which is tied to the rail with wire ties. Take note, we use galvanized pipes that last much longer than the ordinary ones. We assure our customers durable chain link fencing.
  • Chain link fence used for commercial purposes are woven out of a thick gauge wire, generally 9 gauge. We are known for providing galvanized chain link fencing but if you prefer a vinyl coated fabric, we have no issues. Vinyl coated fabric is more appealing with black and green offering a vibrant look that some customers find pleasing than the grey colored galvanized one.

Added security for more protection

If you want more protection, we can install barbed wire over the top of the chain link fabric. Razor ribbon could be spiraled around the barbed wire all along the fence to further the security. However if the height of your chain link fence is less than 8′ or 9′, we do not suggest using razor ribbon. We also can install PVC slats inside the chain link fabric for privacy.

For access, you can either choose the slide or a swing gate. Our representative can suggest the best one for your purpose.

Get in touch with Mason Fencing at the earliest for a chain link fencing proposal.