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Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most common type of fencing used to ensure privacy for residential and commercial properties. Different kinds of materials are used for wood fencing and the choice entirely depends on your taste, budget and requirements.

Mason Wood Fencing

We use materials that are made to the highest standards. Graded #2 or better, our boards are at least 50 percent clear. If you want grade #1, we offer that as well.


The durability of wood fencing largely depends on the way it is built and installed. We at Mason Fencing use 4*4 pine posts which are pressure treated for wood fencing. We set each of our posts in concrete however the depth depends upon the height of your fence. Ultimately we make sure the wood fence is made secure to stay in place. Our horizontal rails used for the framework are 2*4 pressure treated and made from strong pine wood. The third rail is used to enhance the stability; this is also required for the rot board.

You decide on the rot boards

There is a wide range of rot boards available. While pine 2*6 pressure treated board is generally used, 2*12 pressure treated rot boards are also used for commercial wooden fences. We use a rot board on all our wood fences which act as a shield between the fence post and the ground. We use high quality cedar fence posts and it is vital that you use a top notch rot board to protect these pickets from the moisture in the ground. For the access, we provide gates that can be custom made according to your preference.

Mason Fencing custom gates

We have been into this business for several years now and are very well aware of the weather conditions in Birmingham. We custom build our gates to suit your needs, while ensuring long lasting service. Yes, we take all precautions while making and installing fencing gates so that they stand the test of time in Birmingham, Al.

We use galvanized metal frames to ensure durability. This prevents your gate from sagging. We also offer staining to protect the wood from the strong ultraviolet rays, graying of the fence posts and moisture. For the Birmingham climate, it is recommended that you get your wooden fence stained every two to three years. This is also cost-effective.

Reach out to us

Get in touch with us for more information. Just let us know your location and requirement and one of our representatives will be by your side to suggest the best design for your wood fencing.

At Mason Fencing, we follow a personalized approach with all of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you require a small wooden fence for your shop or a large fence for your home or warehouse; our approach and service quality remains the same. Every project is carried out in an efficient manner to provide you nothing short of the best. We look forward to build a wooden fence for you to appreciate.

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